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It means that you can separate the different pieces and assemble your sofa in different ways to adapt it to all your plans at home. You can add or remove the armrests, change the size of the sofa by adding or removing modules, convert a module into a puff, use the double seat as a chaise longue.... You choose! Give free rein to your imagination...

Yes, the modules have an anti-slip system so that once you put them in place they will not go anywhere. In addition, your order will include free module joints, which are joined leg to leg of each module. Thus, you can give an extra support to your modules.

Bouclé fabric is a fabric made of knotted yarn, from the French word for "curly". It is an irregular surface made of knotted yarns. It is a soft, silky and almost wrinkle-free material that provides warmth and comfort. And of course, durable and resistant, to resist your day to day life.

Both fabrics are made from recycled materials, are soft and pleasant to the touch and stain resistant. The main difference is the finish, the woven fabric is a plain weave and the bouclé is made of knotted yarns that form a cozy texture. For more details you can consult our Care Guide.

The bouclé fabric is completely removable, both the cushions and the entire structure of the sofa (arms and backrests). The best part? You can collect the different colors and change your Pummba whenever you want to give another touch to your living room.

Pummba is made with viscoelastic in the seat, and with viscoelastic flakes and siliconized hollow fiber in the back cushion. All fabric is made from recycled plastic. And the structure is made from recycled wood from FSC-certified forests.

Our fabrics are quite strong, but may be susceptible to cat or dog nails in some cases.
However, you can request free samples and test them on your own pet before purchasing the sofa.

Pummba is made in Spain, specifically in Valls (Tarragona).

Encuentra todas la opciones para probar un Pummba en nuestra página de Showrooms donde encontrarás las ubicaciones que tenemos disponibles en Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia y A Coruña.

Yes! You can add pieces to your Pummba as you need them, including the arms! You can buy them individually here.

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