Redefining the sofa concept

Every space, just like every person, has the ability to become something better, different, adapted to the moment. If our lives change endlessly, why shouldn't our sofa do the same?

A sofa that adapts to every chapter of your life

We focus on designs conceived to last.

We know that each sofa is going to live a life, with all that it implies: plans, dinners, friends, new family members, pets...

Pummba is prepared for every scenario you can imagine.

A new sofa concept: sofa-in-a-box

Pummba is the first sofa-in-a-box in Spain.

You receive the sofa quickly in a box

You take it up the elevator or stairs easily.

You expand your sofa little by little, without investing all the money at once.

Lovingly designed inside and out

The award-winning studio of Francesc Rifé is in charge of creating an exquisite and very careful design for one of the main elements of our home. A minimalist and elegant design that wraps a sofa made with the best materials on the market.

OEKO-TEX Standard 100 viscoelastic in the backrest and seat.

Resistant and stain-resistant recycled fabric

Modern and minimalist design

No intermediaries, more for less

We didn't want to make another designer sofa at a prohibitive price, so we cut out the middleman and shipped your Pummba directly to your home at a competent price.

Sustainable means durable

We are committed to quality, reusability and longevity. That's why we are constantly looking for responsible materials and offer all the comforts so that you and your sofa can spend as many years together as possible.

5-year warranty

1 2-module sofa = 350 plastic bottles

We respect your time, and your money

We want to make it easy for you.

Free 1-day shipping

100-day trial. If you don't like it, you return it

This way, you know that you will only spend your money if Pummba is a 100% fit.

Because life changes


  • Long and desperate shipments
  • Climbing up the stairs or balcony
  • Pay for installation
  • Test it for 5 minutes in a store in a hurry
  • Paying a high price for intermediaries
  • Overpaying for simple materials and foams


  • Free shipping in 1 box that fits in the elevator
  • Home in 1-2 days
  • Tool-free assembly in 5 minutes
  • You test it for 100 days
  • You pay in installments
  • Manufactured and designed in Spain