A new vision of the sofa

In Pummba we base our designs on modularity, creating sofas that adapt to any space and lifestyle, designs that change and evolve with the day to day. A proposal adapted to today's society.
Pummba : Modular Sofa

We break with the status quo

We are the alternative to long and tedious purchasing processes, small print, long delivery times, haste and inconvenience.

Buying a good sofa shouldn't be that difficult.

We don't want to test the sofa for 5 minutes in a store, in a hurry. We don't want it to take months to get home. We don't want to have to call our acquaintances to carry the damn sofa up the stairs. And no, we don't want to pay a lot of money for a sofa that doesn't fit us.

We want a sofa that keeps up with us

Society evolves, but some sectors stagnate. At Pummba we want the most important elements of our home to move with us, change as our family changes and adapt to a constantly changing routine.

Relaxation throughout the process

We create a sleep experience that goes far beyond the sofa itself. From online purchase, payment in installments, free 1-day shipping or a 100-day trial at home. All this together with a close customer service that accompanies you throughout the process.

They say of Pummba

And you, are you joining the adventure?