We are here to revolutionize everything.

Pummba was born as an alternative to long and tedious purchasing processes, to the small print, to the eternal shipping times, to the rush and discomfort. It was born as a breath of fresh air, because times change, people change and business... must change too!


Products you buy in one click and receive them for free. No need to make things more complicated.


In one day, in lightweight boxes that fit in the elevator and don't get stuck on the stairs.


Who knows where we'll be tomorrow, huh? Our modular designs accompany you wherever you go.


Yes, we want it all! That's why we decided to work with Francesc Rifé, an award-winning architect and designer who created a minimalist design with Nordic overtones. A fresh, versatile and resistant design capable of giving a unique touch to any space.

And you, are you joining the adventure?