Your Pummba at home, tips and instructions

On the way home, get ready to receive your Pummba:

Each Pummba module will arrive in a 90x90x50 cm box.

It will fit perfectly in the elevator, but keep in mind that each box weighs 40 kg (come on, quality materials are heavy, but you'll see how comfortable they are...) so if you have the help of another person, all the better. 

Already at home? Check that you have everything:

Inside the box there are:

  • 1 Pouf
  • 1 back cushion (vacuum-packed) 
  • 1 backup
  • 4 legs 
  • 4 felt felts (in case you want to move your Pummba around the house)
  • 4 anti-skid pads (in case you do NOT want to move your Pummba around the house)
  • 2 junction modules
  • 4 screws (If the screws are not in this box, look for them in one of the other boxes you have received, they will be all together).

*If you have ordered arms, the box will also contain this arm and 4 extra screws (8 in total).

Assembling your Pummba is very easy...

Step by step, so you don't miss a thing:

  1. Unzip the cover and remove the cushion, legs, module joints, plush protectors, non-skid pads and screws.
  2. Screw the legs together (if you want to join the modules with the connecting piece to fix them tightly this step is not necessary yet).
  3. Turn the box over.
  4. The puff should have the handles on the sides and the Pummba label on the back, where the backrest is placed. The front is smooth.
  5. Place the module vertically on the side of the label. Place the backing on top, so that it coincides with the two holes in the module. 
  6. Screw in the end screw first and then the one on the inside. You can do this with your hands without any tools. If you find it difficult, press the backing against the module to help you.
  7. If you have purchased arms, screw them in the same way.
  8. If you want to give extra support between the modules, place the module joint as follows: 
    • Place the modules vertically side by side.
    • Place the module joint and tighten the screw of one leg of one module to the other screw of the other leg of the other module. 
    • Check that it is aligned. 
  9. Turn the modules over. 
  10. Place the backrest cushions, take a run and go boom!

Want to return your Pummba? Here are some tips on how to disassemble it:

Remove the backrest support, backrest cushion and legs from each module.

Store the vacuum-packed backrest cushion (you can use the bag it came in), legs, screws, module joints, non-skid pads and plush felt inside the module (where you got it from when you assembled your Pummba) and zipper it closed.

You can check the parts list at the top of this page to make sure you include all the parts in the box. 

Store the module inside the box and place the back support (and if you have ordered any arms, also) carefully on top to protect all parts.

Close the box and tape to seal it tightly.

We'll take it from here ;) 

Are you going to draw your Pummba?

We help you to replace the cover so that it looks like the first day.

Step 1: Position the base cover

Place the cover so that the seam matches the Pummba label, you will see that it is just above the seam of the puff.

Start at one corner and work your way around the rest of the cover.

Turn the puff upside down and stick the Velcro to the lining at the bottom of the puff, note that the holes in the lining must match the holes on the puff.

Step 2: Attach the backrest cover

The backrest cover has 2 cuts that will be aligned with the L-shaped backrest plates in the front. The cover is placed in the two upper corners and is lowered on both sides. Once in place, close the Velcro and the two zippers at the bottom.

Step 3: Now you can assemble your Pummba and get it ready!

Place the arms with the 4 screws, as you did in the assembly. If you do not have arms, you can place 2 screws in the holes to hold the cover. This way you can pull the handles to move it comfortably without the cover moving.