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Solve your doubts about Mounting

Believe us, the assembly is super easy, but you will still receive the instructions with your Pummba. You can also follow this guide.

Yes, the modules have an anti-slip system so that once you put them in place they will not go anywhere. In addition, your order will include free module joints, which are joined leg to leg of each module. Thus, you can give an extra support to your modules.

Yes! you can add pieces to your Pummba as you need them, including the arms! You can buy them individually here.

Each module comes in a 90x90x50cm box and weighs 40 kg. If you have ordered a minipuff, it will be packed in a 93x49x43cm box weighing 15 kg.
In a box of one module are included: the puff, the back cushion and the backrest (if you have selected armrests, they are also included).

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