Give joy to your space with a Pummba touch!

Integrating accessories into your décor not only adds a personal and elegant touch to your space, but also allows you to play with versatility and comfort.

These complements are ideal to liven up any corner, offering a perfect combination of style and functionality.

Imagine a cozy reading corner with a mini puff or a revamped sofa with colorful cushions and wooden legs. With Pummba, transforming your space is easy and fun.

Change the look of your home with our Pummba accessories.

With our accessories, every detail becomes an opportunity to add that little bit of joy and functionality to your home.

Think about it: a mini puff that saves the day when the crowds pile up, cushions that make the sofa nicer for those TV marathons, and some new legs to give your living room that missing touch.

They are those details that, without realizing it, go from being extras to essentials. That's how easy it is to give your space a top twist!

In addition, we use recycled materials and sustainable production processes to minimize our environmental impact.

Frequently asked questions about supplements

Absolutely, the extra products are designed to perfectly complement any Pummba sofa, allowing you to customize your space to your liking.

Yes, at Pummba we believe in the quality and durability of all our products, including accessories. That is why we offer a guarantee to ensure your total satisfaction and peace of mind.

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