Sofas 1 module

Don't adapt, create your own!

Choose the modules you want, add or remove the armrests, choose your color and play with all the seating options, complements and sizes. Ready? You're about to buy the sofa of your life. No pressure.

Innovation and design within everyone's reach

At Pummba, it is clear to us that good design and style should not be a luxury.

That's why our 1 module sofas are the perfect solution to give your home that special touch without complications. They are ideal for those moments of relaxation, to watch your favorite series or to chat with friends.

Imagine having a sofa that evolves with you, that's Pummba: the first sofa-in-a-box in Spain.

You'll receive your sofa in a box that fits the elevator, allowing you to expand it as your needs or tastes change, ensuring that your investment fits your life perfectly without sacrificing style or comfort.

We take care of your comfort and that of the planet with our 1 piece sofa.

At Pummba, we take the quality and design of our sofas very seriously. We believe that a good sofa should not only be comfortable, but also durable. That's why we offer a 5-year warranty to ensure that you are investing in a high quality product. In addition, our sofas are made from recycled materials, which adds extra value to your purchase. We know that speed of delivery is key, so we strive to get your modular sofa to you as quickly as possible. And to make sure you're completely confident in your choice, we give you the opportunity to try your sofa for 100 days at no additional cost.
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Comfort without complications

Our 1-piece sofas are designed to be assembled easily, without tools, in minutes.

Made with the finest materials, they stand out for their use of OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certified viscoelastic in backrests and seats.

Complemented with a recycled, durable fabric designed to repel stains with ease and a color palette designed to suit any style of home.

Pummba is here to accompany you for a long time, becoming part of your daily life and your most cherished memories.

Your sofa 1 module, your rules

Imagine a space that adapts to every stage of your life, that grows and changes with you. That's what a 1-piece sofa from Pummba offers.

Configure your ideal sofa by selecting the modules of your choice, adjusting the armrests to your liking, choosing your favorite color and exploring all possible configurations of seats, accessories and dimensions.

You are just one step away from acquiring the perfect sofa for you, without any stress. .

Sofas 1 Piece

Frequently asked questions about 1 module sofas

Choose a 1-module sofa from Pummba if you are looking for versatility, style and comfort in a single piece of furniture. Ideal for small spaces or as an additional piece in large rooms, this sofa adapts to your needs and lifestyle, bringing a modern and cozy touch to any corner of your home.

1-Module sofas are chameleons of interior design. Their compact size and smart design allow them to be easily moved from room to room or relocated within the same space to refresh your décor when desired.

Taking care of your 1-module sofa is a piece of cake. To keep it spotless, all you need to do is vacuum it regularly and use a damp cloth to treat any stains. Here is our complete care guide.

Of course! One of the greatest benefits of our 1-module sofas is their flexibility. You can start with one piece and, as your space needs change, add more modules to create a seating configuration that perfectly suits your home.

You can decide whether you want to add or remove armrests to suit your needs, select from a variety of colors to perfectly match your space and style, and play with seating options, add-ons and sizes. This flexibility allows you to create a sofa that not only fits your space, but also reflects your personality and lifestyle.

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