Bouclé" fabric. The new trend in fabrics has arrived at Pummba.

Bouclé" fabric. The new trend in fabrics has arrived at Pummba.

Perhaps because it is cozy, or because it looks handmade, perhaps because of its versatility in its uses and the ease of creating elegant covers or upholstery, perhaps because of all this and much more, bouclé fabric has become a trend that is here to stay. 

Here's why.

Looks and feels different

Bouclé stands out for its distinctive texture and embossed appearance. It is composed of twisted threads and loops (hence its name) that create a slightly irregular surface, giving it an elegant and sophisticated look. The interesting thing about this fabric is that despite its textured appearance, it is surprisingly soft and comfortable to the touch, providing a pleasant and cozy surface.

It is elegant and resistant. 

"Use without caution."

The sofa is the central core of our living room, almost everything happens on it and therefore it is more susceptible to the aches and pains of daily use. In this sense, bouclé fabric is known to be durable and resistant. The combination of twisted yarns and tight loops makes it highly resistant to wear, wrinkles and stains, making it easy to clean and maintain. Coffee, chocolate or...whatever you do on your sofa, you can now rest easy and enjoy it without so much caution.

Color and life in everything it touches

Who doesn't want color in their life? When we choose a piece of furniture or an accessory we want it to be a reflection of how we live, our style and personality, so another important feature of this fabric is that it adapts perfectly to a wide range of decorating styles, with a variety of patterns, from classic to contemporary.

Whether used in sofas, chairs, cushions or blankets, it allows to add that aesthetic value so important to be at the forefront of interior design products.