Modular sofas, are they for you?

Modular sofas, are they for you?

We've created a little guide to explain exactly what a modular sofa is so you can decide if modularity is for you or not. Shall we get started?

What does it mean for a sofa to be modular?

It may seem obvious but modular sofas are designed in modules. Each component has one or more functions and can be combined in different ways. For example, in the case of Pummba the piece we use for the arms and the one we use for the backrest is the same, just as the piece we use for the seat is the same as the one we use for the puff. These are very simple pieces that can be combined in the most sophisticated ways. 

This play with the different modules can be done without the need for any tools, simply by moving the modules and fitting them together easily. The anti-slip system ensures that the modules do not move when you dive into them.

What is the difference between a modular sofa and a regular sofa?

Normal sofas have a single fixed central structure, which makes it impossible to change its shape, so you have to evaluate well that fits your space, because once at home there will be no turning back. The modular sofa, as we mentioned before, is formed by different pieces that fit together and can have several uses, as you want. For example, take the backrest and use it as a pillow or as a support to rest your legs while lying down. 

Another big difference is that modular sofas, being made up of pieces, fit perfectly in a box.  

The wonders of the in-a-box sofa concept

If you are reading this you probably already know that Pummba is the first in-a-box sofa in Spain, that is, it arrives at your home in a box, and this has many advantages, among others:

-You can easily take it up the elevator or stairs, as the weight is spread out in boxes and it is not a single giant piece that gets stuck on the landing.

-It arrives in 1 day by courier, without having to wait months to receive it. 

You can easily return it, so we can offer a 100-day trial. This way you know you're investing your money in an option you really like, and if you don't, just put it in the box and return it.

-If you move you will be able to transport your sofa comfortably in the same way.


What are the advantages of a modular sofa?

We have already mentioned some of them, such as how easy it is to assemble and use or the speed of delivery thanks to being able to divide it into smaller packages. But that's not all: modularity offers many advantages:


Flexibility in your daily life

A modular sofa adapts to your daily life and your plans. You can move it and create a different shape with it as you go to dinner with your partner, play a few games with your friends, watch movies with the kids, or celebrate that birthday dinner you've worked so hard for. In all these scenarios you can mold your sofa to suit your needs, and your guests. Here are some ways in which you can place your sofa:



Adapts to your family and your home

A good sofa can last you many years, and we know that life is unpredictable and in that time many things can happen. The good thing about modular sofas is that they adapt to your life, you can start with a 2-module sofa to share with your partner and, in case the family grows, simply add one more module, instead of having to buy another whole sofa. 

If you move to a bigger house and want to take advantage of the space you can enlarge it, or the other way around. Or if in your case the children have already flown the nest you may want to make it smaller but continue with that sofa you like so much. You set the rules. 

An easy way to invest in a good sofa 

Designer and high-quality sofa is expensive. This is a fact. But if we give importance to this piece of our home and we want a solution at the height of our expectations, modularity can be a good option to achieve it little by little. You can start buying 2 or 3 modules and, as you want, expand it with more modules, arms, puffs, corner pieces... until you have created the sofa of your dreams. 

A way to be sustainable


When buying a modular sofa, you can check that the fabric and other materials are sustainable. But, in addition, in the case of modularity, it is the concept itself that is sustainable, since this flexibility will allow you to keep your sofa as long as possible, so you will generate less waste. 

Whether it's practicality, affordability or flexibility, modularity is a win-win for you and your family.