Indoor plants. Your home, more alive than ever.

Indoor plants. Your home, more alive than ever.

We tell you why the simple decision to have plants can completely change the energy and decor of your home, they look good, smell good, relax you and improve the air quality. air quality.

Small islands of nature.

If you love houseplants and have ever moved, you know that the first thing you take with you are the plants (well, and the cell phone charger). A completely empty apartment with plants is starting to look like a home. Well, with plants and your favorite Pummba, of course.

There is nothing better than the fresh smell of small plants after watering them. Plants have life, they listen, they feel, they breathe, they feed and they have a power over your mood. And all this in exchange for a little water, light and attention. 

Did you know that there are studies that claim that plants are not only very sensitive to the vibrations of the human voice, but also to the moods of their caregivers?

We offer you a brief guide so you can choose the one that best suits your best suits you according to its characteristics.

Very hardy plants for very...forgetful people.

If you are one of those who spend many hours away from home, always going from one place to another, travel frequently for work, or simply do not have the discipline to take care of a cactus, these plants are perfect for you, beware, they are not immortal either, they will need to be taken care of.

decorating with houseplants

Sansevieria, also known as: (gasp) St. George's sword, mother-in-law's tongue, cow's tongue, tiger's tongue, cat's tongue or tiger's tail, has more nicknames than mafia gangsters and that's okay, because it's that tough and resilient.

This plant is perfect for indoors and for forgetful people, because it is one of the plants that needs less natural light to live and that better supports the lack of watering. Watering it once every 8/10 days is enough. 

Another good option is the Cactus, which, if it enjoys the prestigious trade of surviving in the desert, will have no problem surviving your temporary absences.

Elegant plants for people...

(Well, you get the idea)

If you are one of those who always need to be surrounded by beautiful things and enjoy aesthetic pleasure down to the smallest detail, then this plant is perfect for you.

best houseplants

The Vriesia or Indian Feather is a hardy and elegant plant that blooms only once in its life, like a swan song, that's how special it is and how imposing it looks in any corner of your house where you put it. This plant needs watering twice a week and does not like direct sunlight.

Essential care to keep them full

Now that you have some good options, here are some basic tips that apply to any species. The first thing is to always keep them close to natural light, especially in winter, you can move them if the orientation of the sun changes inside your house. It is not necessary to give them direct sunlight, it will always be healthier for them if the light is indirect. During the winter, try not to leave them too close to the heater so that they do not dehydrate faster and dry out.

Water your plants once or twice a week depending on the species, in summer you can increase the number of times but not the amount of water so that they do not drown.

In short, light and water, little in exchange for the much that plants offer to the life and decoration of your home.