More color, more life. Your Pummba in 2 new colors.

More color, more life. Your Pummba in 2 new colors.

We have added two new colors and we want you to get to know them in depth.

Each color has its history; red, for example, has represented everything from power and war to love and revolution; yellow, during the Middle Ages, was associated with betrayal and shame. In Europe, it was used to mark criminals and traitors. Today, yellow is associated with joy, happiness and vitality. Here we present two new colors that have been added to our catalog and tell you a little of their stories, so that you can begin to see them and live them as they deserve to be seen and experienced. 

Welcome to the world of forest green and terracotta brown!

Green like...

A color worth a thousand metaphors.

green modular sofa

The color green has played a fundamental role in the history of mankind, with a variety of meanings and symbolisms in different cultures and eras.

Since ancient times, green has been associated with nature and fertility. In ancient civilizations, such as Egypt and Mesopotamia, green was associated with rebirth and the growth of vegetation, symbolizing life and hope. In addition, many agricultural cultures saw green as an indicator of fertile land and abundance. In other words, green equaled life.

That's why we have named our new color, "forest" green, not only a symbol of life, but also of movement and integration.

Like a forest.

Much more than a metaphor, forest green has a very saturated hue, meaning it has a high color intensity. It tends to have an opaque and deep appearance, similar to that of tree leaves in dense forests. It is often associated with nature and evokes a sense of serenity, freshness and growth.

Forest green is widely used in fashion, interior design and decoration. In fashion, it can be present in clothing, accessories and even makeup. In interior design, it is used to create natural and relaxing environments, especially in spaces inspired by nature. 

Terracotta" brown, vibrant, natural and elegant.

terracotta modular sofa

During the Middle Ages in Europe, brown was associated with work and humility. Monks of religious orders wore brown habits, reflecting their austere lifestyle and connection to the earth. 

In fashion and design, brown has become a popular color for clothing, footwear and accessories, as it is considered a neutral and versatile shade.

The quality of the handmade work.

Terracotta brown resembles the characteristic color of clay, which is why it is widely used in architecture, decoration and interior design, to create cozy and elegant environments. It is applied on walls, furniture, curtains and accessories to add warmth and a rustic touch. It is also a popular color in the decoration of ethnic styles, such as Moroccan or Mexican, as it reflects cultural heritage and connection to the land.


Now you can dress your Pummba in both colors, creating the ambiance that best suits your home.