The design of Pummba: a work by Francesc Rifé Studio.

The design of Pummba: a work by Francesc Rifé Studio.

When we set out to produce our first sofa model, we had one thing clear: we wanted to collaborate with a design studio that would bring to life the idea we had in mind. 

The studio of designer Francesc Rifé, recognized for the functionality and simplicity of his work, was in charge of creating the design of Pummba as a piece that seeks to promote versatility and organization of any type of environment. An elegant and minimalist work that involves the best materials on the market. 

A design adapted to this society

Pummba was born from a deep process of social observation and a desire for renewal. The rest sector was not meeting the expectations of the market. A society accustomed to the convenience of the digital was tied to look at hundreds of models, browse stores, wait long periods of time to receive their sofa and have to struggle to get it up the stairs or, in some less fortunate cases, over the balcony.

What about the materials? Basically almost nobody knows what their sofa is made of and companies don't give any importance to this aspect even if it is a piece that we use every day or that, sometimes, we use to sleep or welcome that special visitor. 

This had to end.

Another way of understanding rest

Pummba has an extraordinarily simple design whose logic and possibilities mark a fun way of understanding relaxation. Unlike rigid, formal sofas, this new system not only allows for endless configurations through individual seating modules, but its back cushions can be rearranged to create different ways of experiencing the sofa. 

The idea: to create a sofa that adapts to all your plans. A sofa to live it in all contexts and to accompany you in the different stages of life. 

The deconstruction of the arms

The design reduces the expression of its arms to the essentials to gain space, achieving a much wider seat. Thus, only two modules fit three people comfortably and could even seat four people.

The accompanying materials

Not only did we want a designer sofa, we also wanted a high-end sofa. We all worry about the materials our mattress is made of, or even our clothes, but few people know what their sofa is made of. Most likely? That even high-end sofas contain very basic foams. 

For this reason, Pummba is made with high quality viscoelastic in both the seat and backrest, contributing to a high level of comfort. 

The soft yet durable fabric is notable for its stain-resistant properties, which further contributes to Pummba's goal: to create a sofa that will last a lifetime.

If you want to see the rest of Francesc Rifé's work you can go to his studio in Barcelona, Alt de Gironella street 54 08017, and drop by one of the Pummbas on display there.