How to choose a sofa for a small apartment

How to choose a sofa for a small apartment

At Pummba we know how important it is to make the most of every space in your home without having to give up comfort and elegance.

That's why, today, we accompany you to choose a sofa for small spaces that fits your home and, above all, your tastes.

Plan where it will be perfect

Before choosing a sofa for a small apartment you must take the exact measurements of the room in which you plan to place it.

Ask yourself: How much space do I have in my living room? Or, where do I want to place it to watch that movie that came out on Netflix? 

Having the measurements of the place it will be easier for you to know what is the ideal size of the sofa you should buy. ideal size of the sofa you should buy.

How can I take the measurements without making a mistake?

Let's get to work! Find a tape measure and take the measurements of the entire environment you have chosen to place your future sofa for small spaces.

Take into account the measurements of all the corners lengthwise and widthwise. As for the doors, measure the height - you don't want to get stuck in the door when you enter your sofa!

The layout of the site

Take a good look at your living room and where you are going to place your sofa. Look carefully to make sure there are no other objects in the way, hinder mobility, movement and obviously your favorite series or the beauty of your sofa.

Mira tus ventanas, ¿le dará la suficiente luz para que tu Pummba se luzca? ¡Ten en cuenta cada detalle y todo quedará como en tus sueños!

Your sofa and versatility 

If the space is very small, we suggest you choose a sofa that offers versatility and takes different shapes. sofa that offers versatility and that takes different shapes so that everything fits together.

Modular sofas will make your story easier by allowing you to capitalize on every inch of your living room and dedicate yourself to better plan your Saturday night beer at home.

Modular sofas, a good choice

Los sofás modulares resultan una excelente elección si el espacio es reducido. Estos sofás se diferencian por ser más compactos que el resto y tienen dimensiones que se adaptan a los ambientes más reducidos.

In this way, you can make the most of your space considering the importance of comfort, adaptability and that you don't trip over something when you go to get a chocolate in the kitchen.

Valuable comfort!

The modular sofas are more adaptable y accompany you in every chapter of your life. In addition, we can assure you that they will provide you with something very significant: comfort!

New developments in the type of design and manufacture make these sofas provide comfort without taking up too much space.

Both cushions and backrests have an ergonomic design, designed to ensureThey are designed to guarantee enjoyment and relaxation, essential when enjoying your favorite movie!

Adaptable dimensions

Una de las ventajas clave de los sofás modulares es que sus dimensiones se adaptan a la perfección a los desafíos que surgen en un departamento de pocas dimensiones.

They are designed to fit seamlessly into your space, allowing you to create it as you wish.

In addition, you don't have to make a mess of the move or carry your sofa on your back, especially if your apartment is up stairs. 

Pummba is the first sofa-in-a-box in Spain, it fits in a box! You won't have to call anyone to help you lift your Pummba. Pummba up the stairs, you can comfortably take it up the elevator.

Diverse styles

Choosing a sofa sofa for small spaces does not mean that you have to give up delicacy or an elegant or comfortable style.

At Pummba we create designs so you can achieve dream spaces and a sofa to your liking.

Maybe you want a minimalist and minimalist and modern sofa styleor design a more classic and classic and cozy. The crucial thing is that you find the perfect sofa for those lazy Sunday moments!

Choosing the right colors

It is essential to look for colors that give a feeling of spaciousness and brightness.

Evaluate the colors of doors, walls y objects in the room to choose your Pummba according to that context.

Don't forget that neutral or light colors have a plus: they generate a sensation of clarity a sense of clarity and enlarge spaces.

For For example, white, beige or light gray, have the power to create sensations of visual amplitude in any room, as they reflect light better and achieve a special effect: that walls and openings appear to be farther away. walls and openings appear to be farther away.

Light colors, easy decoration

The advantage of light colors is that they are easy to combine. easily combinable. The pictures you hang on your walls, carpets, cushions and other accessories, will adapt more easily.

By combining colors with visual expansion you will achieve an unparalleled decor that suits your personal taste and style.

Remember to dress your cushions with different color covers! If the space is small, it doesn't have to be boring.

Quality of materials is the key

Cuando estés buscando el mejor sofá para apartamentos pequeños, no olvides considerar la calidad de los materiales con los que está fabricado.

The choice of durable materials not only ensures that your sofa will be with you for a lifetime, but also that it will continue to look impeccable despite the passing years.

Opt for quality materials such as upholstered in fabrics that can withstand frequent useis essential for your sofa to last over time, maintain its beauty and comfort.

Focus your attention on this point, and don't forget that Pummba adapts to each chapter of your life. We are committed to designs conceived to last and to be enjoyed year after year.

Take ergonomics into account

For your sofa to be comfortable when reading a book, it must offer ergonomic support for your back and body. for your back and body.

Make sure that the cushions and backrests are designed to ensure comfort to ensure comfort and avoid posture problems or unwanted back pain. Choose a sofa with soft yet sturdy seating.

And as we know that each person has his or her preferences in terms of comfort, it is important that you can try your sofa before you buy it.

At Pummba we offer you sofas that balance perfection, comfort, style, functionality, and 100 days to try it to your liking. Or you can come in person to one of our showrooms Can you ask for anything more? Ah! Of course, we can also recommend a movie, we are waiting for you!

F&Q on how to choose the sofa for a small apartment

¿Qué tamaño de sofá es ideal para un apartamento pequeño?

Choose a compact sofa that fits the dimensions of your living room.

Are modular sofas suitable for small spaces?

Undoubtedly, modular sofas adapt to the layout of the environment chosen for your new sofa.

¿Qué colores son los mejores para un departamento pequeño?

Light colors, such as white or beige, can make a small space seem larger. Keep this in mind, because they will give a sense of light and spaciousness that will make you feel very comfortable.

What materials are most durable for a sofa for a small apartment?

Sofas with strong, solid wood frames and upholstered with sturdy fabrics are a very good choice.

Where can I find high quality small space sofas?

You can find a wide variety of high quality small space sofas at Pummba.

What are the advantages of choosing sofas for small spaces instead of conventional models?

Opting for small-space sofas instead of conventional models has several advantages. These sofas are specifically designed to fit optimally in small apartments, maximizing available space without compromising comfort. In addition, they offer versatile options, such as modular or sectional sofas, which allow you to customize the layout according to your needs and available space.