How to place the cushions on the sofa: 5 tricks

How to place the cushions on the sofa: 5 tricks

A frequently asked question when it comes to decorating a space is: How to place the cushions on the sofa? The arrangement of these is essential to renew the look of your living room to create that feeling of comfort that every good sofa should offer.

Who doesn't enjoy curling up on the couch to enjoy a movie to enjoy a movie, dive into a book, have a drink, chat or just take a nap?

The sofa is not only a place for lounging and entertaining, but also a social gathering spot. And from a design perspective, it is the central element of any environment where it is located..

Today in Pummba we want to share with you 5 tricks to keep in mind when positioning the cushions on the sofa. Ready? Let's take a look at them!

1. First we position ourselves

A great way to start decorating your home. Pummba is by placing the sofa cushions from the corners to the center.

We recommend using the larger cushions on the edges and smaller ones in the central part.

If your goal is to create a more spacious atmosphere in your living room, cushions are your perfect allies: Place them only at the ends of the sofa and keep the center clear to achieve this effect.

An extra tip! The cushions don't always need to be perfectly aligned. Try placing the sofa cushions at an angle, bringing a touch of dynamism and style to your Pummba.

2. Size does matter

The proportion of the cushions for your sofa is essential when choosing them. A back cushion is a safe bet for most modular sofas. modular sofas.

It's fun to to mix cushions of different sizesAs long as the difference between them is not too big and they all stand out equally on your sofa.

What is important when decorating with cushions is to achieve a visual balance by making your Pummba look cuter.

And if you're wondering about the shape, square square cushions are the most commonBut that doesn't mean you can't experiment by combining square, rectangular and round shapes to make your decoration more varied and dynamic.

3Don't overdo it!

There is a very simple rule for determining the amount of how to place the cushions on the sofa, it is always use one or two more cushions than what your Pummba can accommodate.

For example, for a sofa with two modulesfor a two-module sofa, opt for three cushions; and for a three-module three-module sofa, choose at least five cushions.choose at least five cushions.

Have you noticed we recommend placing cushions on the sofa with odd numbers? It's because it's one of the keys to creating a visually interesting space.

Although you may think that even-numbered sets are more symmetrical, in the world of interior design, odd numbers are great for capturing the brain's attention. odd numbers are excellent for capturing the brain's attention, generating more dynamic and attractive arrangements.generating more dynamic and attractive arrangements.

4. Flipping in colors and patterns

Now, when selecting the colors of your colors of your sofa cushionsit is crucial to take into account the color of your Pummba and the elements that go with it in the room: curtains, carpets, blankets, walls, floors, etc.

The cushions do not necessarily have to be the same color as these elements, but they do have to harmonize with complementary tones. tones that complement the environment.

If you are looking for your living room to have that distinctive and elegant touch, combine cushions of different colors (Don't overdo it with more than three different shades), or mix cushions of a single color with other prints.

If you opt for different prints, make sure they share at least one common color. share at least one color in common. This trick is great for creating a stylish environment and the envy of your visitors.

5. Good fit and comfort

This is the last point and also very important, since a good cushion should not only be attractive to the eye, but also comfortable. a good cushion should not only be attractive to the eye, but it should also be comfortable..

However, the secret sauce of a good cushion depends on these factors. 

Quality fillings

Choose cushions with high-density viscoelastic fillings that not only maintain their shape, but also provide the necessary support for those moments of relaxation on your sofa and adapt to the different postures of your body in its different moments on your Pummba.

Pleasant to the touch

Let's face it, a soft and fluffy cushion and that's why the texture of your cushions plays a crucial role in comfort.

The Bouclé weave and woven fabric fabrics of the cushion cushion covers cushion covers at Pummba are soft, silky and pleasant to the touch.

Functional cushions

Need lumbar support for Netflix binging, or something cushy to iron your ear for a while? 

Make sure your cushion is cushion is designed for every occasion:

  • As a back support.
  • As a pillow to rest the head.
  • To elevate your legs when you are lying down.

Easy maintenance 

Being comfortable also means being easy to maintain. The cushions with removable covers that we have at Pummba are ready to withstand day-to-day use and are easy to wash.

Remember that a cushion should be both a decorative object and your undisputed comfort companion. 

Choose cushions that will not only beautify your space, but also make your modular sofa the perfect place to relax and enjoy.

A good cushion on a good sofa

Learn more at how to put cushions on your sofa is a simple and effective way to renovate your living room. And to go along with the enjoyment of a good cushion, you must have a good sofa as well.

At Pummba our sofas are designed with functionality and adaptability in mind, in addition to having 100 days to try them for free.

A good sofa is an investment in your well-being and in your home. With the right cushions it becomes the perfect place to plan and live unforgettable moments.

F&Q about how to place cushions on the sofa

How do I choose the right cushions for my sofa?

Consider size, color and texture. At Pummba our cushions adapt to any style.

Can I mix different styles of cushions?

Of course! Mixing styles can add pizzazz to your space. Find perfect color combinations at Pummba.

How do I keep my cushions clean and fresh?

Removable and washable covers are the ideal choice. See care instructions for each product at Pummba.