7 original ideas to decorate the living room for Christmas with Pummba

7 original ideas to decorate the living room for Christmas with Pummba

Christmas season is approaching and your home is asking for a makeover. Are you ready for the most abundant meals with the best company? The environment is important at this time of the year, every decoration tells a story and that's why we want to give you the best ideas to decorate your living room for Christmas with Pummba.

How to decorate your living room for Christmas

  1. Christmas colored slipcovers for the sofa

Your Pummba should match your home! You can decorate it with our bouclé fabric covers perfect for this moment. 

If you want it to go with the Christmas tree, we recommend you the tone forest green.

On the other hand, if you are thinking of decorating the house with snowy tones, the Pummba white bouclé is ideal for you.

We also know that reddish colors always stand out in a good Christmas decoration, that is why Pummba terracotta brown will bring that touch of style and warmth to your living room.

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  1. Christmas cushions

Adding holiday-themed throw pillows to your sofa will give it a cozy, festive feel, instantly transforming your space into a haven full of charm. 

There are many with fun shapes and designs. What's important? That the color palette is in tune with your Christmas palette and the quantity, a sofa full of cushions invites to an afternoon of blanket and movie! 

  1. Christmas blankets

Blankets help us to bring that feeling of comfort in the home. In addition, they are the ideal gift for this holiday season, with magical or plain designs, for their great durability and versatility that give comfort to every corner of your living room. 

How to decorate your living room for Christmas


  1. Christmas socks

Christmas stockings are a great way to decorate your couch. Pummba. You can place them on top of the backrest, on the seat or even falling from the armrest, and don't forget to refill them with candy!

  1. Christmas table centerpiece

Christmas centerpieces are becoming more and more popular every year. You can place them next to your Pummba snow white.

Festive elegance is on trend, with vibrant colors and details. They create an instant festive ambiance on your table. From sparkling ornaments to classic elements like pinecones and sprigs of fir, every detail is selected to add a touch of charm and warmth to your celebrations.  

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  1. Luminous garlands 

Instantly transforms any place into a cozy corner thanks to the soft light of the garlands. Create a warm and relaxing atmosphere. Use them to decorate your living room, bedroom, terrace or even to highlight decorative elements. 

Ideal time to change the sofa

Christmas is one of the most important times of the year in our home: family vacations, visits from family and friends that you don't usually see during the rest of the year, dinners all together...

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