6 things we like to have near our Pummba

6 things we like to have near our Pummba
Winter is sofa time. A refuge where you can enjoy rainy afternoons, take shelter from cold days and relax after a day's work. A routine site, but also one of discovery.
Today we tell you what we like to have on hand when we are in our Pummba.

1- A candle from Vera and the Birds

To create an atmosphere, a candle from Vera and the Birds. Time to Bloom combines wild jasmine, nutmeg and sweet peach with the scent of grass after a rainy day. Is there a more perfect smell than that?

2- A Marset lamp

We continue preparing the perfect context with a lamp from the Marset brand, designs that excite and give a touch of color to our living room.

3- Monstera plants

When decorating we opted for the most natural: plants. At Monstera you can find the indoor plants that inspire you the most.

4- A quilt from Hamabi Design

We already have the perfect space, now the jewel in the crown: the blanket. Because it's not autumn if there isn't a blanket on the sofa. We love Hamabidesing quilts.

5- A book from Blackie Books

Nothing better to entertain us than a good book from Blackie Books. Their titles never disappoint.

6- An infusion of Teterum

And to finish… a good cup of tea or a warm Teterum infusion, our favourite? the Rooibos with apple and lavender, a relaxing and delicious aroma.